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In just 60 days, without any marketing nor concentrated sales efforts, individuals and stores who happened to have seen the hats have asked if they can be purchased for resale and have now done so. From law students at Boston College to eye doctors in Scottsdale, Arizona and from upscale stores in Edina, Minnesota to farmers in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, people are excited about the opportunity to have a hat that makes a positive statement about an individual and their professional career.


A legal secretary who works in the legal department of a major corporation, intentionally wore her "I Still Want To Be A Legal SecretaryTM" hat to her legal department miniature golf outing with the purpose that it would create conversation of a positive nature with her. She thought that it would be a good idea because there were a lot of people that were going to be at the golf outing that she did not know and that came from other professional areas. After the event, she said that the hat made her day so very enjoyable as a lot of people asked her about it and it gave her a way to describe her feelings about her profession and her job in a very positive way. It also made her feel comfortable and a part of the event.

A Boston College Law School graduate who received the hat after her last final of law school explained, "This hat is great because it is a symbol of two critical attributes - Determination and Humor. I like that it makes a serious statement about one's professional goals. I love that such a serious statement is made through a casual and interesting medium. No one expects to know so much about you from reading one statement. Additionally, it has been the catalyst of many interesting conversations."

A lawyer and a banker now have their hats resting proudly on a corner on their desk. Each say that everyone comments positively about the statement they are making about their dedication to their profession.

When a young parent gave the hat as a gift to their son's nursery school teacher, the teacher immediately said, "Thank you, I am so proud to be a teacher." The next week at a school event, with all children and parents present, the teacher walked into the room proudly wearing the hat.

After hearing about the product, a Chairman of a major corporation asked for four hats that said "I Still Want to Be a CEOª" for all of the CEOs that report to him. Upon receiving the hats he wrote a letter back to us thanking us for the hats with the comment "They're great!"

A leader in the promotion's industry described the product as "Phenomenal!"

It is clear that students and professionals around the country feel that it's time to show how proud they are to be part of professions that help others. We hope you will too!


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