Nautical Red--White Embroidery White--Navy Embroidery        It's More Than a Hat, It's a Message.

The "I Still Want To Be" LLC products came about in the spring of 2003 from the title of a manuscript describing a professional's positive feelings about his career after 30 years.

It's A MESSAGE that...

  • Is fun

  • Shows loyalty to profession

  • Ties you to the history of your chosen profession

  • Is a conversation piece

  • Reflects work ethic and sacrifice

  • Gives identity

  • Could lead to an interview for a job

  • Provides a challenge

  • Represents strength and conviction

  • Deserves a place on top of ones head on top of a mantel or on a desk

  • Represents a lifetime of effort

  • Defines a professional

  • Demonstrates that you are willing to overcome obstacles

  • Something that you are proud to wear

  • Brings a smile and shows emotion

  • Creates a community by highlighting common experiences

  • Represents accomplishment and success

  • Is a trophy

  • Announces your dedication

  • Lets those around you support and pull for your success

  • Sets a goal

  • Makes a high quality subtle statement

  • Tells a story of the pursuit of your dreams


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