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We want to make shopping online with I Still Want to Be, LLC the best gift shopping experience you will ever have! Because of this we are dedicated to customer service. You can shop with confidence thanks to our no-nonsense money back guarantee, which is simply:

"Every product you buy from this catalog must be free of defects or you may return it immediately to us for replacement."

You can review our policies below, and find instructions on what to do should you encounter a problem with shipping, damaged products, or are unsatisfied with your purchase in any way.

The I Still Want to Be, LLC adjustment and return policy is truly very simple. We want to protect you and make you feel comfortable - and make certain you get what you pay for. Claims will fall under the following categories: (1) Lost order, (2) Damaged merchandise, (3) Shortage on order, (4) Defective merchandise, (5) Wrong item sent, (6) Pilferage, (7) Manufacturer's Guarantee defect.

What if my order is lost?
It doesn't happen often, but carriers such as UPS, truck lines and Parcel Post do lose orders. If you have placed an order and have not received it in a reasonable period, do the following: Phone I Still Want To Be (1-800-600-2061). Ask for the Customer Service Department.

Please have the following information ready:
If a partial order was delivered and the invoice is included in one of the delivered cartons, please have this invoice available and a list of the missing items. Advise the Adjustment Department of the number of cartons received.

  • I Still Want to Be, LLC will check our computer to find the date your order was shipped and the carrier used.
  • I Still Want to Be, LLC will initiate a tracer with the carrier. Normally a response is received within 10 working days after the tracer is initiated. Most carriers require a 10-day waiting period before they will accept a tracer request. The U.S. Postal Service requires a 30-day waiting period from date of shipment before they will accept a tracer (90 days outside continental U.S.).

  • I Still Want to Be, LLC will notify you when we receive the result of the tracer. Results of a tracer are generally one of the following:
         1 The carrier is unable to prove delivery. Therefore, credit has been issued to your account or we have re-shipped your merchandise as you requested.
         2 The Carrier will submit a photocopy of a delivery receipt which will be forwarded to you. It will show the order was delivered in full, and the signature of the person who received the order and the date it was delivered.
         3 If, after receiving the photocopy, you find the signature is not yours, a neighbor's or a member of your family's, return the photocopy to I Still Want to Be, LLC together with a denial of signature letter. We will then file a denial of signature claim with the Carrier. This will require an additional 7 to 10 working days. We will notify you of the results.

    The Carrier may have returned the order to The Best Gift Store for the following reasons:

  • UPS made three attempts at delivery to you and no one was home.
  • Your delivery address is a Post Office Box. UPS does not deliver to a Post Office Box.
  • You have moved and your order was sent to your former address. Someone who signed for the package at your old address may have retained the package, or the shipment was returned to The Best Gift Store.

    What if my order is damaged?

    Claims for damage vary with UPS, Parcel Post and truck lines. When any carrier delivers a shipment to you, you are requested to sign a receipt. Before signing, inspect all cartons. Be sure you receive the number of cartons you are signing for. Inspect each box for signs of damage such as crushed, torn, open, unsealed tape, etc. If you do find outward damage, sign the receipt with the words "Exception - Damage" in the margin if no other space is available.

    If your carrier is United Parcel Service:

    Contact I Still Want to Be, LLC Customer Service Department. Explain the damage involved, number of cartons received and whether you desire a replacement or credit to your account. This information will prepare us for a claim report from UPS.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT RETURN DAMAGED MERCHANDISE TO BEST GIFT STORE. Inspection must be made on your premises. Returning items voids any possibility of adjustment.

    Hidden Damage -UPS Shipment:

    If you should receive a shipment delivered by UPS that shows no visible damage but upon inspection discover damage due to evident rough handling by UPS, call The Best Gift Store and report the damage. Its More Than a Hat It's A Message will issue credit or replacement as you request.

    If your carrier is truck or air freight service:

  • Before signing for delivery, inspect each box for signs of damage.
  • If you find any damage to the carton (crushed, torn, open, un seamed tape), sign the receipt with the words "Exception - Damage."
  • Truck and airfreight claims are paid directly to you, the consignee, so all claims for damage or loss must be filed with the carrier.
  • The name and address and phone number of the carrier is on the bill of lading given to you at the time of delivery. If the information is not there, request it from the driver or call your local phone directory operator for the information.
  • Contact the carrier and advise of the damage. They will give you instructions on inspection and filing your claim.
  • I Still Want to Be, LLC need not be involved unless you experience some difficulty and need our help in filing your claim.
  • If there is no obvious damage, but you discover broken items after opening, call the carrier for instructions in placing a claim.
  • If there is serious damage, it is best to stop unpacking until after inspection by the carrier.

    What if there is a shortage in my order?

    If you receive an order from I Still Want to Be, LLC and find it has not been filled completely:

  • Check your invoice. If the item was out of stock, it will show as back ordered. If the item does not appear on your invoice, be sure to advise the Customer Service Department representative when you call or write.
  • Thoroughly check the cartons and packing. Small items may be under the packing material. Before you sign for delivery, check the condition of the cartons. If they are torn or tape removed, sign the receipt with an "Exception - Opened Carton." If there is a shortage due to tampering, a claim must be placed with the carrier. Follow the same procedure as if there is damage.

    If there is not tampering and an actual shortage exists, contact I Still Want to Be, LLC Customer Service Department. We'll need to know the invoice number, number of cartons received, the item number missing and whether you prefer credit or a replacement.

    I Still Want to Be, LLC will investigate the shortage. When the item is confirmed as not shipped, credit will be issued to your account immediately.

    If re-weighing your shipment or other checking procedures indicates all items were shipped, we will advise you.

    What are your product guarantees?

    1. Product Excellence Guarantee

    Every product you buy from I Still Want to Be, LLC must be free of defects or you may return it immediately to us for replacement.

    We reserve the right to update model designs, or substitute models or colors whenever these changes represent an equal or better value for our customers. Items illustrated on our Web site are actual photos of the products available at the time they were posted. An updated version may be substituted at a later date. Products depicted on packaging may vary slightly from the actual product because of this updating, or because the manufacturer packages several models of a product in one style box. Although our staff of proofreaders works diligently to ensure the accuracy of copy descriptions and prices, we reserve the right to correct typographical errors.

    *Replacement is subject to item availability: If exact replacement is not available, replacement will be a comparable item of at least equal value.


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